Saturday, December 20, 2008

So Blessed!!!!

God is so good.

i posted a list of some of the things we were asking God to bless our kids with for Christmas and He has blessed.
off the list:
1 ds
use of steam vacuum
toby mac cd
mp3 player
ps2 girl games.

Wow i am about in tears. We are learning obedience and trying to be smart with our money at least smarter than we have been. We were considering spending an certain amount of money on a wii system for the whole family and found a very good deal. We contacted the seller and had the deal worked out. But i was not really feel peaceful about it. It was over our budget even though it was a great deal and i didnt like spending that amount on a game system. So I emailed the guy and honestly told him why we had to back out. (he said he had other proscpects) I felt a whole lot of peace flood over me after that email. But I still was unsure of how much and what we were doing about Christmas for the kids. That is when I emailed friends and family and posted the list. Terry has been working as a driving instructor for the past month. (he really likes it)and has a lot of opportunity to share his testimony. He shared it with one of his students and his student shared with him. He is a new Christian and told Terry about not having any money for Christmas.
Terry felt the tug to Bless him in spite of our situation and bought him a card and put $70 in it
which is everything he had. He took him the card and left. Terry got a call a short time later from the student saying thank you and he was pretty speechless. He said his wife was in tears. While all that was going on i got a phone call that someone wanted to Bless us with a $25 gift card. and Terry got a call from his boss saying that they were very impressed with his work and they were rewarding him with a raise, pay for all of next week(he is only working mon. and tues.) and a small Christmas Bonus. That is just the beginning of a rollercoaster of blessing since
I last blogged. I am pretty much feeling like I am God's favorite Kid!!!!!