Monday, December 1, 2008

out of the mouth of babes...

My sweet Noah just announced to be with his super heroe face that he He has Power. I asked him what kind of power? he said God is my power!! i said cool thats the best power to have. He said yeah and with God i can do anything!!!!! mind you he is 3 years old!!!! I love these little moments.
Every night i pray that angels camp around all the kids' beds and that the only dreams they have are of a heavenly nature. That God orchestrate their dreams. I can see Noah flying around with his super powers saving others from evil in Jesus name. Because at 3 years old supers heroes are the career choice of little boys (lol)


~jen~ said...

Does he like Bibleman? Dominic loves his Bibleman videos...LOL! It's so funny!
What a sweetie...he has God it!

5kidslater said...

he is a little scared of the bad guys on Bible man. Nick Loved him when he was little though.