Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh thank you Jesus

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Praise Him

*update* Baby Boy Joshua David was born at at about 5pm 5lbs 11oz. 19in long and about 2 weeks early. Mom, Dad and Baby are all doing wonderful. *

My other cousin Bethany is currently at Genesys Hospital Dilated to 7 and contractions 3 min apart( as of about 12:30). So please keep her lifted up in prayer. Aunt Wendy would be so proud right now and i know that she is watching from above for her 1st grandbaby. I will keep you posted.

My cousin Leah had her sweet little baby Girl this morning about 7am. 8lb 10oz 21 inches Name Alora Kate

Oh and i thought this was cool When i was talking to my mom on facebook she pointed out this fact:

today is the 5th in bible numbers it means grace!!!!!! yes it does and with two new babies.

I also got this post on Facebook today as well. Prayer request for a dear friend: Here is the post

lift up Connor Scott in prayer. He is on his way to emergency. He said his chest was hurting, collapsed and started turning blue. This sweet little man is 4 years old. We are praying Connor.....

soon after his momma Rachael posted::::

update. connor is smiling and being goofy...has a bruise starting on his chest...he said he ran into table at this point we are not sure if he did internal damage under his chest...keep prayers coming.

We are still praying for him and like I said above Grace. I will give updates when i get them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

attention scrapbookers

This is my moms site. She is really really talented. She has done all of my books for me and I love every one of them.

check her out..............

Love this!!!!

I heard this song today for the first time and I loved it. It really spoke to me.

It lifted me up cuz I do not know what i did to my back but I am in a lot of pain and I have been for a couple of weeks but today has been especially bad.