Monday, December 8, 2008

Payton is Healed!!!!

About a month or so I blogged about a beautiful 11 year old girl with cancer. on Saturday night around 9pm payton was healed and is now dancing with Jeaus and enjoying a heavenly home that we only wonder about on earth.
God, I thank you for Payton and the time that she spent here on earth. I pray you give comfort to her family and friends as they wait to see her again. I know she Loved you and that her life touched so many and that she is touching lives with legacy she leaves behind. I know we dont always understand why but you have a plan and purpose and our only job is to Trust you. God your grace is sufficient and I ask for grace upon us as we celebrate her life and get through the next days, months and years without her beautiful smile in front of us each day.
In Jesus Name,