Monday, December 29, 2008

looking forward and reflecting back

I am so ready for a new year.
my to do list consists of
Growing up in Jesus
Give more, Serve more
Growing Kids Gods way..... A must
work on my marriage and myself
get healthy or healthier
a part time job
a better budget and learn to be smart with what we have
get a mentor/accountability partner
go to the doctor and get all my girl tests done
get my thyroid issue under control
I am really looking forward to making some changes for the new year. I am looking at this as kindof a fresh start.
I want some serious changes in my and my family. We are making some very real decisions and coming to a couple of hard decisions and realizations. Pastor talked on Sunday about change and moving in His steps and not our own. He talked about a few things that forced some changes in some minstries. I kinda feel that we are being forced into some of these same things. It is both scary and exciting to see where the next steps are going to lead.

the last two years have been a test of faith and have brought things out in me that i really did not like. I have learned some things and I am still working on some of these things.
we have been through job loss, poor decisions, seperations, a tornado and a few other things that have made me really want to give up and ask why? and to be honest i still have those times.
It is in these moments i am reminded that God is on the throne and I am his child. I dont need to know why, I just need to trust and know that I am loved.