Wednesday, April 22, 2009

good for her....

Its about time someone speaks.......


My daughter is my little worrier. today the brought home a paper that talked about a man who tried to possibly pick up a couple young girls. This person has had a couple different incidents that have been reported in the last couple of weeks. Scary. Anyway i commend the school for bringing it to parents attention but is there a better way because really it really scared my girls. I did try to talk with them openly and explianed that are safe and that God is watching over them. i also gave clear instruction on what to do if they are approahed by a stranger but i also really want them feel secure. We prayed and hopefully iput some fears to rest but Haley is so sensitive. i really need pray peace over her.

Feeling a little better...

I am still struggling with a few things but I have taken steps to work on the stress and emotion i am feeling. I have taken a month off from youth and replaced it with Bible Study, I have gone back to my friend Brigids Bible study. Actually both studies are on the same subject but are very different in the dynamics and really like both. I have also gone back to singing on the Worship team at church and wow i really missed that more than i thought. It is so good to be back. The book study we are in is called Dont act like a christian just be one. I am not a reader but the parts i read have really hit home.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

more feelings..

i said earlier that i have been depressed. I have been really trying to think and figure out why i have feeling so crummy lately. Last night at Women's ministry i left early because i wasn't feeling good and now i realize that it was really just attack from the enemy because i really needed to be there. I decided to go to Bible Study this morning and I found out that last night was all about Unity. They said that there were testimonies of people feeling like they felt as if they were shunned and did feel welcome. I think a light went off because I have felt like a fish out of water for years. I was the one picked on in school constantly, I have never felt like i have ever really had a best friend, I have tried to fit in to different groups. I have gone to a couple different egroups at church and have tried different other groups and have felt like i fit in. I have really felt shunned. I hear about people getting together , calling and texting all the time. I have felt a part of a group in a long time. I think that has been part of problem lately. I also want to really just be used and transparent in my walk. I feel like every time I make commitment to make changes I something happens I screw up or circumstances make it hard for me to make changes. I take 1 step forward and two steps back. I guess I just feel burned out. I almost dont even want to try. The only reason I have gone to church is beacause of the kids. I am asking for your prayer, I am searching for healing in this area and for direction.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I had the bright idea to rearrange the girls bedroom and do some reorganozing. I dont know exactly when i did it but i pulled the muscles in my lower back. Friday I was pretty much hurting all day and finally took some motrin. It wore off at the Worship Blast and I was really just wanting to go home but ai really just stayed cuz i was having a good time. I am still very sore today but maybe i will get a good massage later!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yummy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

I really like watching the Duggar Family on TV. They talked about recipe and I thought I would try it. It was really YUMMY. Here it is:

Makes a 9”x 13” Pan
24 Ice cream sandwiches
8 oz. Cool Whip™
1 Hershey’s™ chocolate syrup bottle
1 Smuckers™ caramel syrup bottle
2 king size Butterfinger™ candy bars chopped up
1st layer -12 ice cream sandwiches
2nd – half of whipped cream
3rd - half of Butterfinger™ bars, Squeeze 1/2 of caramel &
chocolate over that.
4th - rest of ice cream sandwiches
5th – Cool Whip™
6th - rest of Butterfinger™, caramel & chocolate
You can freeze this and eat as desired! Yummy! Yummy!


I have been really feeling depressed and just kindof numb lately, Im not sure why but I done feel like I am doing anything important. Maybe I let my mind wander to nuch but I feel like i cant do anything right in my husband, my family or anyones eyes. I even have just not even wanted to go to church. I heard this song today and I really like the words. It explains pretty much how i feel.


Just wanted to thank everyone for your prayers. Terry got a job Wednesday. He is working for Bordines Nursery. It is less money, seasonal and there is no insurance but I am not camplaining because it is an incaome and where God has placed him at the moment.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

my cousin

My cousin David is absolutely hilarious. We bicker like brother and sister but its more fun than anything. He does some imitations of people like forrest gump, Joel Osteen, he also does an australian and southern accent. We took a video of him tonight because we just didnt have much else to do.


Just wanted to say thank you for the prayers. Terry was approved for unemployment and has an interview on Mon. We are just praying that we are doing what God wants and not going through anything in our own strength.