Thursday, December 4, 2008

ok God I get it.........

This week going to be in my book very busy:
I have house work to do
An eighr page paper to write abou computer crime-- any volunteers?
Womens ministry
Refined meeting
youth on Wednesday
christmas Play at cornerstone.
Girls night out
Jingle fest on saturday
Figure out bills
and a slew of other things.....
I dont know why i do this to myself and I God said oh you no don't because you need to REST.
On Monday the brakes on my van went out which is a serious issue. and womens ministry was cancelled due to weather. On tuesday I really dont remember it was kind of a blur. Oh wait thats the day I got laundry and a bunch of things caught up around here. Yesterday I woke with a horrible migraine. I was in bed practically all day long except to go to the doctor. Today well I am gonna try to rest a little because I am still feeling the effects of yesterday. i am gonna work on some light stuff today. I have a little helper cuz she isnt feeling her best either.
Pray that i can really pace myself and take on too much.