Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hi all,
i am looking for a couple things for the kids for Christmas. As you know the economy really stinks so i thought ask if anyone has any good websites ideas or these items used that you dont use or are wanting to part with for a fair price.
I know that its late but we really cant help it. We are just trying save as much money as possible and want to bless our kids after rough couple of years.

heres the list:
Use of a steam vacuum
3 nintendo ds's (used)
ds games
vsmile system and games
littlest pet shops
dress up or princess stuff
little girl's Bibles
teen girls Bible
Mp3 player
disneys sing it for playstation2
playstation2 games(for girls)
guitar hero
Guys Life Application Study Bible
Any Christian music
Relient k
Stellar kart
Toby mac
please let me know if you have anything like this and how much you are asking.
God bless and thank you,
Merry Christmas,