Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gun control?

I have been seeing a lot of posts about gun control on face book A lot for and even more against. While I believe that we have the right bear arms, I also believe that guns don't kill people. It is acts and decisions of people to kill. I understand there are moments of self defense and accidents do happen but for the moment it happens it is decision none the less. I am for protecting yourself but with that comes responsibility.  I think that for the most part gun owners are responsible and those who own and register them are responsible. the whole gun control issue is the government scrambling to push an agenda in response to the tragedy in Connecticut.  Responsible gun owners are the ones being punished out of the deal. i don't understand why the guns are the focus and not the regulations of whom is and how to be licensed and maybe give harsher laws on those who violate the regulations. Increase education and awareness.  The statistics are there but the problem is people don't look to really find them and believe the media as is.  I posted the picture above just cause of the statement it makes. The 60 minutes on 4-7-13 talks about some of these points.


Jake Block said...


I must say that I agree. It is the person behind the gun that pulls the trigger that is the killer, not the gun itself. We do not limit the use of butcher knives or baseball bats, even though those could be considered lethal weapons. I like the graphic from Family Guy as well, it has a great point!

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