Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coupon savings.

ok say i am startin to do the coupon thing. Im really excited. anyway i went to kmart today because they are doubling coupons today through the 5th up to $2.00. I made terry go with me because i wanted him to see how was done and since he is skeptic, I wanted him to see it with his own eyes.

Ok so we did ok i think for our first time. Our total had we not had coupons would have been approx. $165 our savings from sale items was 48.65 and with our coupons we saved another $38.50. Our total we paid was about 80.00. that is half. im really i excited about it. Alot of it was suff that we mainly needed around house or a couple misc things that i wanted buy unless it was incredibly on sale.
I was a ble to buy a few things to stockpile with too. *yea*

Ok here are few of my favorite deals............

ok so these were not actually on sale but i love infusium 23 and i refuse to pay 6.50 a bottle for any shampoo. So i had 3 coupons for 2.00 off and since they were doubled iget them for $2.50 a bottle. *woohoo*
Ok Deal #2
Family size bottles of garnier shampoo and conditioner. reg 6.49 on sale for 5.00 double 2.00 coupon makes them a buck a piece. Plus if you looked on the of the isle they were selling them with a product attached that runs about 3.50 a jar and there are coupons attached. sweet.

Deal # 3
my donation item. we only use shaklee detergent. but these were on sale for 2/$10 so with my $2 double coupon i got a bottle of tide for a buck.

deal #4

reg price 2 .89. had 2 $1.00 doubled coupons final price .89 each

ok last but not least disosable razors....

had coupons (cant remember details lol) but they were around $1 or $1.50 each. not bad.


~jen~ said...

wow, that's so cool that Kmart doubles to $2 right now! I wish we had some extra $$ to go shopping!! Argh!!! You scored some awesome deals!!