Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ok here i go again neglecting the blog i keep saying i am going to keep up.....well i guess i will just blame it on priorities. There are a lot of things going on but not all i can say on this blog because of the nature of the issues. What I can tell you is that The McDonnell Family is going through a season of financial hardship and God is teaching and refining our hearts. This is difficult but so exciting to see how He is teaching us and the blessing that will be on the other side will be amazing. I personally am learning how to balance and say no even though my heart breaks sometimes to do it. I also have had the opportunity to volunteer at a agency in downtown Flint that serves the homeless and close to homeless. Wow what a blessing it is to serve and to have my eyes opened to a ministry i never really thought about. I have taken so much for granted and even in hard times i am so blessed!!!! I am also going to school still and loving well except for the writing papers part lol