Monday, October 19, 2009

missing trying to understand

tomorrow will be one month since my aunt passed away and i cannot tell you how much we all miss her and almost in shock that she is gone. We know that she is completely healed and having some great conversation and such with those who have gone on before her. I cant help but question the timing and why did God allowed her to endure the pain and cancer that took her to be with him. I know that it we may never know and His ways far supersede our understanding. i just really want to understand cuz quite honestly i dont and i find myself questioning and praying why?????


Anonymous said...

Amy, this is mom. I just got onto the net for the week. I read this message and listened to the song. You really know how to make your old mother cry. We may never know why Aunt Wendy went through all of that cancer. I hope that the message that was spoken at her funeral touched someones heart. Someone there heard that Jesus loves us and that someone will reach out to God and believe and accept Jesus. Her life was not in vain. But I am hurting so and I can see that you are too. Love you, MOM