Monday, October 12, 2009


Pastor has been talking and teaching about dreaming and purpose. I guess this is where all the past few posts have stem from kinda. I have been thinking a lot lately about purpose and such.
one of the things that pastor said that really stuck with me is this phrase.

If it kills you, if it thrills you, then it fills you!!!! meaning that if the thing breaks your heart but also gives you joy to do it then it is most likely your calling. I have been about this for me and my life asking for a revelation. i starting jotting some things down and i seriously think i have it.

I dont want to go to too much info yet because i am still seeking God on the fullness of this dream but I will give you a hint of where my heart is. it has too do with young girls and boys seeking their true identity and self image.
this video is a little glimpse.........