Sunday, January 18, 2009

a little part of my story....

I just had to write apaper about why i decided to go back to school. In it i gave a part of my testimony and i thought i would share it.

I am continually asking myself why I bother going to school because I do not have the best record of accomplishment. I was an average student in high school. I could have been better but I did not apply myself. I was to busy fighting off bullies and trying to fit in anywhere I could. I regret it now because I really would have had a better self-image and maybe I could have a better choice of colleges. Of course I had I not made the choice I did I would not have met husband and would not have had the experiences that make me who I am today.

After High School, I went to Baker College and decided that I was going to reinvent myself even though I really had no idea how or what I wanted to do. I really just wanted out of my parent’s house and live my life somehow. I started the party lifestyle and I went to class because I had to. Once again, I did not apply myself. After feeling like I had nothing or no one to live for I gave up and started partying with whoever happened to cross my path at that moment. This leads me to how I met my husband. He was a gang leader and I happened to be at a party where he was only I was with a friend of his. Eventually we ended up as a couple lived an interesting life in the gang. To make a long story short my parents found out about my life and his and tried an intervention. It partially worked and not only for me but for him too. We both got out of the lifestyle and got clean. We were married and started going to church where we both have devoted our lives. We now have five children and they are five reasons I am going back to school.

Another motivation for returning to school is that I have learned through the years many lessons about life and have learned that the trials I have faced and the choices I have made are now the backbone of whom I am. They are necessary for the future in my chosen career and my compassion for those I serve. As a Christian, I am called to love the unlovely and serve others before I serve myself. I have a passion for children and teenagers. I have a heart for children who do not have anyone to turn to and who feel they have no hope. I am going to school to get my degree in social work so I can help those in need. My ultimate dream is to work within the foster care and adoption system or with at risk teens. I can volunteer in these areas but to make it my work is where my heart is and would be a dream come true. I can not achieve this dream unless I go to school.

I am determined to use the experiences and skills I have learned to succeed in my dreams and further my education. I have the support of my family and a God given desire to pursue my dream. I am prepared to use my time wisely and make necessary sacrifices to achieve my goals. I intend to study and show my kids the value of what an education can do for you.

This is just a small part of of our story. God has been so good and merciful and I thank Him for all he has Done and is doing still.


Melissa said...

Good for you Amy for returning to school! I didn't read what you are returning for though (probably an older post). Sounds like you are really trying to make big changes :-)

5kidslater said...

Hi Melissa
Thank you and i am going into social work. I really miss reading your blog. I really enjoyed it.