Saturday, November 15, 2008

some ideas needed...

I have a few housekeeping things i am trying to come up with and since i dont have a creative bone in my body I need some ideas.
1. chore chart ideas and motivations
2. rule chart and creative discipline
3. 3 year old tantrum remedies
4. good grade motivations (this is a real issue with Nick- mostly a responsibility
5. free time activity ideas
6. sibling argument remedies.

I know I have some creative people out there with some fresh ideas. cuz I am just short of calling supernanny. lol


~jen~ said...

Check out for a fun chore/responsibility "chart"...the younger ones should love it...not sure how Whitney and Nick would take to it (it's similar to a webkinz thing but not quite).

Also Rachael told us about a book called Creative Parenting (I think?) ~ it's on her blog from can order it at or a bookstore.