Friday, November 14, 2008


I am really struggling with a few issues. I believe I have talked about this a little bit before. I am really struggling with feeling a sense of belonging. I know that i need to overcome this and that I have the Lord but I really just need some prayer to really push through this emptiness.
I have tried to hang out with different groups but always up feeling like the third wheel or I say or do something that makes me the outcast. I also think that this stems from being a social outcast as a teenager and younger. I know that Joyce meyer has a book called approval addiction and would love to get my hands on the audio version. I just thought I would share this because its on my heart and now i have daughters and I really am starting to see some of what i went through starting to develope in very subtle ways not as severe as what i had though.

On the Bright side i have been really working on being purposeful or intentional in what i say and trying to really take things to prayer instead to others. i feel I have been a burden to some people with my issues and it seems like the last couple years there have been ALOT of issues.

these videos really struck a cord in me:


~jen~ said...

I know *exactly* where you are right now...and am trying to figure things out myself. I never had these "issues" while growing up so it's all kinda foreign to me and I feel like I'm having to "re-learn" friendship. Heck I always kinda naturally drew people to me...and my kids seem to be the same who knows...but I gave it to God and He's revealing all sorts of things to me. I'm in no hurry to "belong" anymore...but I wanted to say I can really empathize with what you are saying. ((hugs))

becky said...

I think the first, best thing you can do is talk to someone to try to get to know them better. listen to what they are saying and ask questions to learn more or clarify what they said. alot of it is reaching out to others and showing them you care. when you do that, relationships and friendships bloom.