Tuesday, December 1, 2009

another homeschool decision

We made the decision to pull whitney from school and homeschool her as well. We were blessed with the ciriculum for switched on schoolhouse. I love having my girl home so i can pour into her and her sister instead of others and other influences that are less than i would want for her. I love the facts that i can reconnect with her cuz i feel as though we have drifted a little because of outside influences and such. I have a lot of work ahead of me and even more self dicsipline on my part as far discipline and scheduling. I have gotten better but still have room for improvement. I do have to say that i am excited about this new chapter......


~jen~ said...

That's awesome Amy!! Is she in 6th grade SOS then? Lexi is doing 5th grade SOS and is having a heckuva time right now...*sigh*...I thought we'd have more time to grow our relationship but man, right now it feels like we are drifting further apart. I'm sure that's a combination of a lot of things going on with us right now...but it's so frustrating to me. :o(
Have you guys signed up in any of the "local" homeschool groups? I signed up for FACES...and we've been to one thing (a girl's club meeting)...but things have been just too busy to do anything else right now. Sooo looking forward to Mike graduating and us having somewhat of a LIFE again!