Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday already?

Wow. I can not believe how fast this week has flown by. its actually been great though. God is at work and I am feel a new sense of Joy that have felt in a while. Terry is back to work (yea God)and things are still a little chaotic but i am getting a handle on that. I have waking up very early the last 3 days which if anyone knows me i am not a morning person. but t i have got whole bunch of work done during time and had som e awesome prayer and worship time as well. I am working on some specific things like getting school clothes and supplies for the kids. All5 are going this year, ouch! Even though Terry is back to work we have not received a paycheck from them yet and are still are on unemployment so when he does get paid guess what the landlord is going to be very happy lol. If anyone knows of any good garage sales or has any ideas for getting the kids ready for school. Please let me know. God has started Blessing us in this area so I know that He has a plan. We are also having a garage with a friend on HI-Land trail off owen rd in Linden Aug 21 - 22 if anyone is interested. Also the girls are going to camp that week too. Praying that God becomes even bigger to them during that time. This is Haleys first year going, so be praying that she does get homesick or changes her mind

I received this flyer and thought i would pass it along if anyone is interested.