Monday, June 1, 2009

Cool provsion testimony.....

My aunt Mary is a missionary to the Philippines. She runs an orphanage or a foster home there and takes care of children whose parents throw them away because of poverty or whatever reason. I think she has 16 kids at the moment and if she is not able to find them adoptive families then she adopts them herself. very cool. anyway she has been here in the states the last couple months visiting my aunt who has and is being healed from terminal cancer. We had some really awesome family time. Well time came on Friday for her to go back to her home and work. she was accompanied by my mom, aunt Wendy and aunt Lana. They got to the baggage checking and found out her carry on was too big, but luckily my aunt had a smalling bag or something she could use. She simply emptied the big bag of the necessities into her carry on and checked the other bag in. (your allowed pieces on international flights for free.) While all that was going on the guy at the ticket counter asked her why she was going to the Philippines? Aunt Mary simply said that she was a missionary. The ticket guy said that was giving my aunts all passes so they could sit with her while she boarded the plane. very cool. so anyway while they were waiting to board the man came to my aunt and asked her for her boarding pass. She handed the pass to him and he went to his computer and did a couple things and said here i changed your seat. (she was in the very back of the plane not comfy at all) that's when they realized that he had moved her to first class. wow she was catered to on the 14 hour flight. Furhtermore when it came time for the final goodbyes, The man gave them all the time they needed, he told them to take their time because is the one who closes the door. yet another Yea God moment. After my aunt got on the plane, my mom thanked the man for his generosity. The man said that something about my aunt mary touched his heart. Wow anyway my mom and aunts proceeding to tell the man her testimony. The man was really taken back by her. God is so awesome.