Wednesday, May 13, 2009

im inspired!!!!

this video not only boke me but really just gave me some inspiration

This weekend really just changed a lot of things for me. The womens conference at church was absolutely amazing. I can not even explain in words how I have felt since Sunday. I am trying to really be more focused on God and change things in me that really need to be changed. This is very hard and since the theme of the conference was fearless I guess that is where i am starting.
Casey Gibbons (our wonderful guest Speaker)called us Brave-hearted chics!! (i think that should be our next t-shirt Hint-Hint) I really want to thank all who worked so hard to make this so special. I know that satan got some teeth kicked in because wow the warfare has started. i have noticed it in some subtle and not so subtle ways. One of them has been with our finances. I normally am really worried and well crabby i guess but now I am at peace and I know that God has something for us. I am also really praying that have some revelation and kidof figure out what my purpose is and how and my gifts truly are. i know where my heart is and i am really just praying i can figure it all out.

I also would like to ask for prayer for some revelation and guidance with parenting issues. I really want set up some schedules and figure out some ideas for consquences and chore chart ideas. If anyone has some wisdom they can depart please comment.

Oh i almost forgot, i have beenbattling with a.d.d severly and I have a real hard time trying to concentrate on anything. I was put on ritilin. I have not started it because I am kinda nervous about side effects and suff.