Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love my Noah and yet i find myself very frustrated with this sweet little boy. He turned 4 Feb. 1 and i think a switch was turned on him to be extremely difficult to deal with.

He is sweeet kid when nhes not pouring soap or multipurpose cleaner on the floor just to get a reaction out of me. I am n ot sure what God is teaching me through him but if asked for patience at all i think i get the picture. lol I came across this poem and thought it fit.

Raising Boys
(Roberta I. Teague)
I scrub the wall of fingerprints,Pick up the mounds of clothes.I sweep the dirt that shoes track in-Wish I could use a hose!
Meals are served from dawn to dark,Dirty dishes crowd the sink.Just when they're washed and put away-Everyone wants a drink!
The washer pulls the dirty grimeFrom pants worn thin and patched.They look so very neat and clean-Yuck, look what the pockets hatched!
Broken bones and bloody knees,I should have been a nurse.I take it all in shaky stride-Just grateful it's not worse!
Screams and shouts and argumentsTest the keeping of my cool.
A soothing bath is ecstasy,A reward at the end of my rope.Raising boys isn't really bad-But first I must wash the soap!
A rose can say I Love You,Orchids can enthrall;But a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,Oh my, that says it all!