Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Picture over load!!!!

ok so it is is teo weeks into school and i am am just now loading pics of the first day. im slow. lol

We have a few big days. A few firsts and lots of busy - work. I just love filling out all the back to school paperwork. Oh and just mention i am in school too. i started the same day as the kids. lots of fun.

Nicholas is in 6th grade.
Whitney is in 5th and started at fis. She was so excited.
Haley is in 3rd grade. Kelsey is in young 5s. oh my my goodness she could hardly stand the excitment.
and noah started Preschool at Freedom Montessori.


~jen~ said...

haha, loved seeing the pics! I didn't take any pics of my kids this year...BAD MOMMY. Dominic was sick so I couldn't bring myself to just photograph Alexis and he'd be all sad if/when he saw me. So I just didn't take any pictures of the first day.
So funny, seeing all the kids together ~ they allll just look SOOO much like their daddy!!!