Friday, September 21, 2007

Welcome to our Family Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all. Hope all is well with our dear friends and family. I created this blog so we can keep in touch and can share our family milestones and show how God is so wonderful and growing us each day. i hope you will all enjoy and i will keep it updated as often as possible.
God Bless the McDonnell Family


Anonymous said...

Hello, I like this. Will you help me set one up for my business. Say, Gary wanted to know if Nick wanted to come over on Saturday and go to a a tractor auction with him. Let me know asap...Mom Paula

Anonymous said...

Hi, McDonnell Family. We sure miss you at Elms. Hope Nick and Whitney are doing well in their new school. Please give them a big hug from me.
From, Mrs. Neddermeyer